10 Ways To Treat Diabetic Nerve Pain

Living with diabetes is not an easy task. First, you have to watch everything you eat and consume, while making healthy choices as often as possible. Second, you need to monitor your sugar levels, which mean you constantly are pricking your finger to get a drop of blood. Third, you constantly are visiting the doctor because once you got diagnosed as a diabetic you noticed many other issues came about. As if this is not enough, the icing on the cake in the diabetic problems is nerve pain caused from your diabetes. While overcoming the symptoms of diabetes is tedious, be aware that there are options for your treatment. If you are someone who experiences nerve pain caused by diabetes, consider the 10 options below to help keep you happy and pain free.

Listed below are 10 options for treating and managing your diabetic nerve pain, regardless of the intensity of pain you experience. Consult with your physician prior to changing your treatment options and always listen to the advice given to you from your physician. You can also discuss any of your lifestyle and medication options with a pharmacist or qualified healthcare professional.

1. Have Proper Foot Care

One common area in the body that diabetics experience nerve pain is in the foot area. Experts state that proper foot care can help prevent sores and achy feet. In addition, comfortable shoes can help exacerbate nerve pain caused from your diabetes. Make sure to wear comfortable socks, trim and cut your toenails to a proper length, and if necessary, meet with a podiatrist for proper care.

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