11 Super Foods for Diabetes

Ripe Broccoli Cabbage Isolated on White

Those who suffer from diabetes have to ensure that they manage their condition as carefully as possible in order to avoid associated health problems and issues. Part of this involves lifestyle changes particularly in terms of diet. There are certain foods that should be avoided or eaten in moderation if you suffer from diabetes. There are also certain foods that are highly recommended for diabetics. Below are details of 11 excellent super foods that are perfect for the diabetic diet.

Super foods that are ideal for diabetics

Amongst the super foods that you should consider as part of your healthy and balanced diet as a diabetic are:

1. Non-starchy vegetables:

Non-starchy vegetables are those that will not cause your blood sugar levels to suddenly spike and they form an important part of your balanced diet as a diabetic. This includes vegetables such as beets, broccoli, asparagus and artichokes amongst others. These vegetable are also great for increasing vitamin and fibre intake as well as making you feel fuller.

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