12 Body Odors That Reveal Health Secrets

Sometimes an odor can say a lot about the world. If you smell rotten eggs inside your house, you might have a gas leak. When food is bad, you smell a foul odor. Odors can describe many things and when discussing odors and the human body, one must understand that there is more to body odors than B.O. When it comes to health, sometimes we cannot tell if there is something wrong and when a simple odor can be identified, it could tell about an illness, infection, or problem occurring within your body. Listed below are 12 odors that can reveal some health problems or secrets. Use this information as merely a guide to help detect an illness whenever possible. Always consult with a physician if you detect an odor from your body and make sure to report all signs and symptoms as well.

12 Body Odors That Reveal Health Problems

1. Chronic Bad Breath

While morning breath occurs with everyone, chronic bad breath is something that indicates there is more wrong than normal. Bad breath can be a cause for concern, especially with gum disease caused from H. pylori. If you suspect there to be gum disease and the foul breath is a cause, then consider making an appointment with your dentist soon. Lastly, if you do have foul breath, chewing gum will only mask the issue and sometimes the sugar can make things worse in your mouth.

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