12 Ways To Prevent Type II Diabetes

Prevention is an important part in the healthcare system, but the only thing is it is up to the individual to make sure and go about the measures in prevention. While diabetes has not had the attention that other diseases have received, type II diabetes is a condition that can be a gateway to a plethora of other more serious conditions including cancer, obesity, and heart disease.

Current estimates suggest that about 24 million Americans have diabetes and about six million of those individuals do not even know they have it. While the average adult can continue to live a good life with the condition, it can be costly. In 2007, there was about $116 billion spent on diabetes and this number is most certainly higher today. The astronomical costs with this condition can leave an individual scraping pennies and taking medication every day. In addition, severe diabetes can cause obesity, metabolic syndrome, cancer, heart disease, amputation in outer limbs, and leave you blind. Knowing this information, why not just prevent type II diabetes before it gets to you. Listed below are 12 effective ways to prevent type II diabetes from affecting you. Be sure to consult with your physician prior to starting any new exercise program and make sure to discuss your health goals as well.

1. Maintain Weight

Keeping a healthy weight is something most everybody desires. This is why the weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. While weight is an issue for many Americans, one of the most important elements in preventing type II diabetes is having and maintaining a BMI at 25 or under. This is the area where you are least likely to develop type II diabetes.

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