15 Delicious Holiday Foods for Diabetics

veggie platter

The holiday season is upon us and when it comes to the holiday season, warm thoughts waft through the air on the plethora of treats, goodies, and holiday dishes that are cooked or baked. While tasty, much of the holiday season diet is composed of sugars, fats, and many ingredients that can be damaging to health, especially for diabetics. While there can be and are many restrictions on the types of food a diabetic ought to eat during the holidays, the good news is there is an abundance of foods for diabetics to enjoy this holiday season. Listed below are 15 tasty holiday foods that diabetics can enjoy this holiday season. Consider making these foods for the entire family to enjoy so that it feels more like a traditional holiday meal. Pay particular attention this year as to how the treats are prepared, because some treats may have a different effect on blood sugar than other traditional foods.

1. Veggie Platter
Thanksgiving Day is obviously the day when the big turkey is baked, fried, or cooked to perfection. This generally will take at least six hours depending on the size of the turkey. Many individuals will take this time to nibble and snack on sugary treats like cookies, scones, and donuts. For diabetics, it is important to keep a steady blood sugar level, meaning it is imperative to have small snacks often. Avoid spiking blood sugar with the unhealthy options and opt for a refreshing veggie tray loaded with your favorite vegetables. You can eat these raw or with your favorite low-fat, low-sugar dips to help increase the flavor.

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