Top 10 Diabetic Statistics

top 10 countries

Diabetes is a condition that affects a huge number of people all around the world. This is a disease that can be contracted by people of all ages, although there are some that are at higher risk of getting diabetes than others. When it comes to statistics about diabetes there are many interesting ones that have been researched by experts in the field over the years and make for very interesting reading for those trying to learn more about this condition. This relates to everything from the number of people suffering from the condition through to healthcare costs and fatalities that are caused by diabetes. Below are ten of the top statistics relating to this health condition.

The following are amongst the various interesting stats that you will find in relation to diabetes:

Top ten countries:

While diabetes affects people in countries all around the world, it tends to be far more prevalent in certain countries. According to figures from the International Diabetes Foundation the top ten countries with the highest rate of diabetes are as follows, stating with the highest rate of the disease: China, India, USA, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, Egypt, Japan, and Pakistan.

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