Top 11 Healthy Snacks for Diabetics


Eating healthy is an important part to maintaining a balanced blood sugar level and essential if you have diabetes. For diabetics, the perfect healthy snack will be a combination of fat, protein and carbohydrates. Here are 11 ideas for the perfect snacks to curb cravings and help maintain blood sugar levels. Eating small snacks throughout the day is necessary for diabetics. You can use these combinations of snacks as listed or mix and match them to make your own perfect snack. If you are eating just one item for your snack, ensure it is high in fiber or protein and avoid eating only fruit for snack as the natural sugars need protein or fiber to help maintain blood sugar levels.


This snack is best if made yourself and not from the microwave. Use canola oil and cook in a large pan on your stovetop. Make sure to shake vigorously so the kernels do not burn. Popcorn is an all-natural snack and filled with fiber.

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