Top 7 New Treatments for Diabetes


New treatments for diabetics are constantly being developed. New medications, hormones and even radio signal treatments are in the works. Scientists are also researching ways people with type 2 diabetes can more efficiently change their lifestyle to fight the disease. Diabetes research is growing and more types of treatments are coming onto the market each year. Take a look at these up and coming treatments for diabetics and talk with your doctor to see if any of them are right for you.

The Protein Cryptochrome

This protein is associated with the effect commonly known as “biological clock” and helps to regulate the metabolism in women. When scientists were able to activate the protein cryptochrome, they suppressed glucose production. Scientists are hopeful they can develop a way to increase this protein in people who have diabetes and reduce their need for insulin. If this research is successful, it is possible diabetes patients could take extra vitamin supplements and control their blood sugar levels.

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